Staying Desirable To Him

It has always been a dangerous situation when you have got into a relationship that is not satisfying and you feel that the love you share is slowly fading away. During this time if you are not vigilant and pro-active with working out the problems you will slowly lose your self esteem and confidence which will eventually result in him leaving you. Grow up lion and fight for your self respect. Consider the following measures and see how easy it will be for you to keep him.

Make him hungry for your love. Relations are born out of sharing love and when you begin to share your man’s bed with him he definitely is not going to think of any other woman. Make him hungry for your love so that he is always emotionally satisfied.

No doubt about your love for him. It is only common sense that if he is in love with you he will never think of anyone else. Tell him that you don’t foresee him wanting to share a corner of his life with someone else. Say also that nobody has jeopardized your relationship and he is your most loyal boyfriend.

Keep the calls to a minimum. While you relate to him, give him his space and see that you don’t call him too much. You will have to prove your loyalty and love towards him by not calling him sometimes over important things.

Don’t change your ways. By not trying to change your ways but being how you are you have shown him how much you love him. He too needs to respect you and love you for who you are. If you prove that he has made the right decision he will never try to whisk you away from him.

Retain your independence. Be an independent person throughout and don’t use him as an emotional crutch. Have a full life of your own and do things of your own accord. Be mature and playful and make sure your man too has a lot of fun whenever you are around.

Have a good time. Give yourself a break and have a good time. A man will never stick around if you act like a drill sergeant and always nag him. Let him have some time for himself and if for some time he has to be away socialize, have a beer and watch some action movies. When he returns he will find you a new found woman and not a nagging dilemma.

Enjoy life. Get out and have a lot of fun. Make him see what a wonderful person you are and what you could do with a little stretch. Relax your relationship by trying out new things like tango bars, sex movies or walks on the beach.

Always appreciate what he does. Be his best friend. Never criticize him or complain about something. Show that you are so happy about his return and that you are as much happy to have him in your life. This should not be done over a telephone at a time when he is trying to sort out some problem.

Keep your self respect. No matter how much he goes all over the world and how much he devotes himself to making you feel happy, feel like a queen and happy, never let your self respect dwindle. This you have to do whenever he promises you anything.

Ask him for suggestions. Ask him for his best ideas and views and then take it to develop your own ways. Make small suggestions; you could vary furniture, change a light bulb or buy some new clothes. Make sure you have the option to adapt to his suggestions, don’t hesitate to do it.